Brilliant Futures Daycare

Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities & Creative Curriculum

 BRILLIANT FUTURES Daycare supports an individualized curriculum and strives to provide    children with a quality “home-away-from-home” atmosphere while promoting the development of a  positive self-image, self-discipline, and cooperation in each child. 


  • Your child will be in a fun learning environment based on developmentally appropriate             practices and activities. 
  • Your child progresses naturally with innate creativity and curiosity to learn and have fun learning.  
  • A comprehensive child-led early education focused entirely on the needs of your child.               
  • Daily activities include: Early math, science, motor, language and social skills. 

Children observing a aquatic ecosystem & learning to care for living creatures

  • Your child will be in a pro-social development program supporting natural emerging social skills such as empathy.

Children learning to take turns and sharing using the sensory table
  • Age-appropriate discipline using positive and gentle loving guidance to support your child's self-image 
Daily Art Activities

Outdoor Fun and Active Play

Daily Schedule

We plan a predictable and flexible daily schedule for infants and toddlers. We keep a routine for older children to prepare them for school. However, we remain flexible and change the schedule based on the weather, and our observations of the children’s needs. The updates on the schedule are posted on our bulletin boards, and on our social media closed online group.



Click here for more information on what is Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)


At BRILLIANT FUTURES we believe open-communication is important to provide the best quality of care for our young students. We provide various ways to keep in-touch with parents including social media (Facebook), texts, emails and phone conversations. When your child enrolls at our program you will be able to select the method of communication that best suits you and your family. Including in-real time updated app parents can access on their smart phones brightwheel.


We are a community & the village to help parents raise bright and amazing young minds