Brilliant Futures Daycare

Early Learn Program Director

 Ms. Angela Salas'€™ multiple professional        perspectives about early childhood development  created the foundation under which the idea for  BRILLIANT FUTURES Daycare & Preschool came  to fruition.

  Ms. Angie is an experienced professional with  advance degrees and certifications in various  fields:

  Ms. Angie holds a Master'€™s degree in Early           Childhood Studies (MSECS) and partners with       the National Association for Family Child Care  (NAFCC) as a  certified NAFCC National Observer and Trainer.  She is also a highly recognized New  York State EarlyLearn Credential Trainer,  and an approved instructor to NYC childcare providers.  

 Ms. Angie also holds a Master'€™s Degree in Nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian with specialization in  young children. She has a deep understanding  about the nutritional needs for growing healthy minds  and bodies.  Her tools as a knowledgeable nutrition professional assures her program’s menus and  curriculum are balanced to meet the needs of the individual children with a focus on obesity  prevention and optimal motor development.

 Also, Ms. Angie is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)  and an experienced  La Leche League Leader. She ensures her program is a breastfeeding friendly  environment supporting  the  mother'€™s breastfeeding goals. She believes that selecting an  understanding and supportive early  learn  program is a crucial step for many mothers to achieve their  breastfeeding goals specially after  returning to work. 

 Ms. Angie has the expertise to create a high-quality early learn curriculum to support early  development through enriching learning experiences.  It  is her goal to create the highest quality  levels in early care for NYC children.  


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